: .. – series

The : .. – series consists of three canvasses, silkscreen printed with an identical dotted grid. Using a traditional technique in my own way, I’ve created three images within the two dimensional surface of the textile – a front, a back and a joint view – that changes throughout the day, as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The wonder of changing perspectives within the context of daily life. Patterns and colours appear and disappear. What we see is never a fixed situation, but one that will always offer new surprises.
After an elaborate pattern research I chose three patterns – all based upon the same silkscreen printed dots –  that leave space for intuitive choices while staying within the parameters of the overall framework. This intuitive aspect makes that lines, forms and compositions appear in dialog between the fabric, the technique, the rules and myself.
The work forces me back into understanding that there are times and perspectives that are just different – that have a different quality.